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Voice Search in Digital Marketing

Date:- 23-01-2020

The digital world is developing at a very vast rate.Users,marketers and brands are eager to quickly jump as new technology emerge.This ultimately means that,brands will need a through knowledge of understanding of these trends.

As per report 71% of people around the world use their voice assistance to search for something they want to know than physically typing in their laptops or smartphones.We are already familiar with the advantages of voice search in Digital marketing and why we should optimize our content.With the global launch of alexa,siri and google assistance,it has become a great time for marketers to understand content marketing and optimize the seo strategies.

WHAT IS VOICE SEARCH Voice search is an advance technology that quickly recognizes and allows the users to search through web. Voice search is not at all a new thing for us but with the introduction of alexa,siri and google assistance,people are quickly shifting towards voice search mode.

IMPACT ON DIGITAL MARKETING With the vast number of users shifting towards voice search,businesses do also change their their digital marketing and seo strategies to compete in the digital marketing industry.Old seo strategies will not work in the same way they used to work prevoiusly,they need to be a voice search optimization to appear in the featured snippets beacuase that is what voice search foucses on.Along with that it is also going to Impact the local seo giving them huge opportunities to grow their business..

Voice Search in Digital Marketing