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Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Date:- 03-01-2020

The digital world is developing at a very vast rate.Users,marketers and brands are eager to quickly jump as new technology emerge.This ultimately means that,brands will need a through knowledge of understanding of these trends. Here are some technologies you need in your marketing strategies.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE One of the huge trends we are seeing is the use of artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots.Companies are using machine learning to good use in the predictive lead generation where AI Shifts through historical dara intelligently informs user behaviour delivering them better result.

AUGMENTED REALITY While AR might seem like a thing of future,this technology is already seeing application in digital marketing.Huge brands such as Swiggy,Zomato have been rolling out AR powered in 2019.

VOICE SEARCH Users around the world are using mobile devices more & more.People nowadays are mostly reliant on voice assistance like siri & alexa.The using of voice search is in huge demand.

VISUAL SEARCH Algorithms on search engines and social media platform are changing to support visual search.AI is playing a huge part in image recognization.