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How I use Android: :
The basics

  • Your current primary phone: After spending 30 minutes waxing lyrical about the Galaxy S6 recently, I've found myself switching back to the Nexus 5 of late. Certainly the camera is nowhere near as good as the S6, but that (major point) aside, I think it's pretty close to the best Android phone available today.

  • What case is on your phone (if any): None. I prefer to use no case, then complain when the screens on my devices crack.

  • Your current tablet (if any): Nexus 9. By absolutely no means is it anywhere close to a perfect tablet, but I do quite like it. I think the 4:3 aspect ratio is more appropriate for a tablet than the more widescreen tablets that have been largely prevalent previously.

  • Your current smartwatch (if any): I recently finished a few months using the Apple Watch. I liked some things and disliked others. I have a great many of the same issues with all the smartwatches I've tried to this point: Namely, I find having to charge yet another device each day is annoying to the point of inhibiting my will to wear such a device at all, and I want it to be entirely waterproof.

  • I plan on speaking more about my Apple Watch experiences on a future podcast episode, but overall, I did not find it compelling enough to keep wearing on a daily basis, so I'm back to not wearing a wearable.