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PHP 7 Releases and Its Positive Feedback:
With a minimal syntax modification PHP team has introduce PHP 7 the new version of PHP after a long time. This will focus on more improving performance and up gradation in the PHP core interpreter. PHP developers around the world have waited for this released and not they are getting happy after the released. Now the development processes will be much faster than the old version (PHP 5.3.x and PHP 5.5.x).

For better output and quick implementation of old version website and application, the developer needs to migrate the old one to new one. So that additional features and functionality can be execute in the application to run and execute faster. It is almost twice faster than the older version and neck with Facebook's HHVM project, a Just-In-Time compiler for PHP code. Now it is available in the internet for the general public. Some employees of zend has heavy contribution towards this release. Here are some views of these peoples:

The co-founder of Zend Mr Zeev Suraski said that "We knew we had to do something big with PHP -- and PHP 7 brings dramatic performance improvements that web developers around the world crave."

According to Taylor Otwell, founder of Laravel, "PHP 7 is a landmark achievement in the history of PHP and one of the most exciting moments in my career as a web developer. When the language that powers the majority of the web doubles in speed, it's something to get excited about."

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