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Important PHP libraries for all Web Developer should know:
As everybody knows that PHP is a powerful open source scripting language for website and application development. PHP Developer utilizes the open source code in different template and framework to improve the functionality of website and application. At the time of writing PHP codes to execute a program is time consuming but after completion it makes the application to run faster and secure. In order to reduce the development time of application developers must know about the PHP libraries and their utilities to add the features.

PHP libraries not only reduce the development time of PHP developer but also he/she gets enough time to add new features to their work. Let have a look at the top PHP libraries which helps the website developer to save time in the development process.

. PChart: It helps in generating the text data in the form of visual chat and these data can be displayed in the form of bar charts, pie charts, and other formats. Using SQL quarry PHP script generates remarkable charts and graphs

. PHP CAPTCHA: It is the great PHP library used for creating automated audio and visual CAPTCHAs and basically these are used to differentiate humans and bots.

. Dispatch: Using this tool one developer can set URL rule for better organized site. It provides specific types of HTTP paths and requests render displays, and much more.

. Services_JSON: It all the transmission of human reliable data to server

. PhpAES: It is a class implementation PHP code that supports encryption cipher of 128, 192, and 256 bit AES. No extension is required and it has fully functional and compliant with FIPS 197.

. Image Workshop: For manipulation of images in the layers one developer can use this great library and you can crop, resize, add watermark, thumbnails size and image manipulation in different ways.

. Mink: It helps in testing the proper interaction of webpage with internet browsers. It also removes API difference of different browsers to provide better environment for developer.

. PHP Thumbnailer: It is the simple image manipulation PHP library which helps in creating thumbnail images. It does not require installation of further external library and give additional control over image resigning and create custom crop.

. Hoa: It is a structured, modular, and extensible PHP library which creates link between research and industrial world.

. PHP Text to Image: It helps in converting text to images. This is use in case of email address that cannot be shown in programmatically.

.Faker: This is useful in creating fake data whenever required. Anonym zing data, bootstrapping database, create XML docs, and perform stress tests can be perform using these.

. PHP Image Upload Class: This powerful library helps in streamlining the process of image uploading in to the form. Through input command developer can upload images and can define user massage outside the class.

. Ratchet: Using this library developer can create real time and bi-directional apps between the clients and servers. It helps in creating event driven apps instead of using traditional HTTP request.

. PHP Export XLS Class: It is a lightweight, fast, and simple PHP library which helps in exporting different types of data to excel. It also converts wide varieties of data format to .xlx format with multiple work sheets.

. PhpDocumentor: It is a useful auto documentation tool that helps in creating professional documents using PHP code.

. PHP DB Class: This library helps in PHP and MySQL development. It offers easy and convenient access to database and reduce the amount of coding to perform the task. It has also some debugging features.

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